There are many reasons why using our services is very wise. We work in many areas and so far none of our clients have complained about our work or efficiency. We give you a wide variety of services that are done by some of the most qualified welders with not only good knowledge of what they do, but also creative minded and very dedicated to what they do.

One of the areas we specialize in is the windows welding. We have many window designs that are worked on to fit different houses. Many of our clients say that the reason they like our window designs is the fact that they are of high quality and very friendly.

You can either choose from many of our readymade windows or you could have one designed to meet your style and class anytime you come for our services.

The work is done in the shortest amount of period possible and the results are amazingly satisfactory. Some of the windows we have designed have been featured on home improvement magazines and are also being used in many homes and offices. It does not matter the size of your house, Stan’s Welding Inc window designs will leave you stunned.