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Terms and conditions

Please go through the terms and conditions outlined below before signing our contract for your wielding needs. Receiving our services requires that you agree to the terms and conditions. To be on the safe side, both with the law and your privacy please do not register if you do not agree with our terms and conditions. The agreement between you and Stans Wielding Inc consist of all the requirements and conditions that ought to be met when using our services. This agreement should therefore be signed only in agreement with the given terms and conditions.

  • Liability: You are liable of all the damages occurring in the process of the wielding. Stans Wielding Inc will not be held accountable of item damages occurring due to careless item placement. The client is responsible for all his property arrangement and protection. However, in case of electrical damage resulting from our equipment, we will be accountable and will pay for all the repairs and damages associated with that.
  • Complains: No client complains should be directed to the public unless stated otherwise. Stans Wielding Inc will be held responsible in the resolving of all the client’s complains. Unnecessary redirection of complains will lead to prosecution due to the tarnishing of our company’s name. However, in the occurrence of complain handling ignorance, the client can turn to alternative means to have their problems resolved.
  • Warranty: Stans Wielding is responsible for the issuance of warranty. This will only occur when the damages associated with the completed wielding project are characterized by unprofessional installation by our contractors. However, the warranty is void if the damages are due to improper handling of the completed work. The client will hence be required to make payments for redoing the work.
  • Payments: The payments of any completed project must be done within 24 hours after the project completion. Credit will not be accepted unless stated otherwise. Failure to make prompt payments will lead to 20% fine of the initial amount or prosecution in the court of law.
  • Publicity: That you will agree to the issuance of your name to clients needing proof of work done. No personal details will however be issued and Stans Wielding Inc will retain a portfolio of the project.