What do you understand by the term structural steel? This is one unique construction metal piece, low in manganese and carbon, which comes in a particular cross-section, certain chemical compositions and valuable strengths that make it entirely tough and durable to use.
If you are looking for a more convenient company to assist you in building worthy steel structured buildings, then look no further as Stan’s welding inc does this in the most incredible way ever.

That’s where you will find most of the structural steel products, either in plates or sections, fully suitable in the construction of high-rise buildings, pipelines, bridges and even ships. Stan’s welding Inc offers a wide and comprehensive range of structural steels that you choose from in accordance to the type of structural project you may have in mind.

They include carbon-manganese steels (mild or carbon structural steels); with very high levels of ductility and strength, low-alloy, high-strength steels; with chemical added ingredients, quenched and tempered alloy structural steels; often used for structural purposes only.

In addition to all these, Stan’s welding Inc has gone a notch higher to ascertain all its structural steels have undergone the fire-resistance rating so as to determine the temperature standards that will also determine what kind of fire-proofing exterior insulation it will require.