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Privacy policy

Stan’s Welding Inc. is a company that is founded on the ideals of allowing the customer the best in the welding business. To ensure the best transactions, the company offers a privacy policy guideline that is set to encrypt all data availed from all customers. All the products which are made of metal come with a guarantee of durability no matter the multiple settings in which they are applied.

Any transaction at this welding company is usually a deal between the service provider and the customer. There is a bond of confidentiality that assures of the value of the service or product. This also means that in case the client needs after sale service they can access this on a timely manner without involving a third party.

On the issue of price the privacy policy of the company stipulates that no details of the transaction will be disclosed to another party who has no direct interest in the deal. This applies to all transactions and the private data availed by the client remains confidential unless it is forwarded to the tax authorities who have a legal right to this information.

Stan’s Welding Inc usually requests such personal information of regular customers in order to create a lasting bond and to improve the execution of services. These most necessary details touch on contacts, payment data and customer credibility with the original products. This in effect enables viable and transparent transactions between the two sides. The company usually requests the names of customers as well as physical and billing addresses in order to create a physical outreach when rendering welding services.

Payment details consists a sensitive part of the company’s privacy policy for it details such data as the account numbers and for those with merchant accounts their credit card details. All this personal information is kept safe and is only used during actual transactions. The customer can rest assured that by providing this data, he or she avails better welding services all the time. In case there is need to change any details that have been sent the customer is free to do so either by contacting the public relations section or through safe automatic means.